Grant Closing Checklist

We have produced a closing checklist that will assist you in preparing for your grant closing. The checklist is in Microsoft Word format so that you may download it to your computer, and edit the document's contents.

Transfer the Checklist to Your Computer

Important Tips: So that you may edit the closing checklist, you want to transfer ("download") it to your computer. To transfer the file to your computer, click the "Grant Closing Checklist" link below, then:

  • If your browser asks you if you want to open or save the document, select save
  • The browser will transfer the checklist to your usual download location, and at the completion of the transfer, most browsers will guide you to your downloads via a blinking highlight, down arrow or other visual method
  • To find the checklist document later, you may also select your browser's "Download" button or menu choice to locate the document.

Get the Checklist

Transfer the Grant Closing Checklist (MS Word format) to your computer.